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Do You Have Cracked Heels?

Don’t wear a shoe that is sized too big for your foot , or cut toe spaces out of current shoes to reduce pressure. Wearing a wider shoe in your measured length size is good, but increasing the shoe size (like a half size up) simply makes the shoe longer, and allows the foot to slide within it more when walking. This can lead to further pressure on the toes. Cutting toe material out of a shoe simply makes the top of the shoe less stable, and the exposed toe can still rub on the edges of the cut hole.

The truth is that you don’t need to be a witch to get warts. And you certainly don’t get warts from flying around on a broomstick (although you may be apt to get splinters in rather tender parts of your anatomy). Warts are actually caused by the human papilloma virus (or HPV for short). This virus can create warts anywhere on the body (and no, witches aren’t more inclined to get them on their nose or chin), although the area of focus for this article is, naturally, the feet. Warts that form on the bottom of the feet (the plantar surface) are called plantar warts. foot hard skin treatment

Occasionally you might notice that this callus has a center or a central core. You might also feel pain if pressure is applied to this nub. This condition is called a soft corn. These hard skin nubs can also appear on your hand, at the base of your fingers. Here too they can appear if too much pressure is applied and the skin is getting pinched. Invest in good footwear. Avoid shoes that pinch or cut your toes or any part of your foot. Your feet should be comfortable and slide in and out easily.

Another serious health issue due to improper fit of shoes is called Morton’s Neuroma Metatarsalgia. This mouthful of medical lingo can be a real problem. This condition causes inflammation in the area of the foot just behind the toes. The bones in your foot squeeze a nerve to create acute, recurrent pain in the ball of the foot. To prevent this situation from occurring, it is crucial that you select shoes that have a high, wide box for your toes. Pointy high heels are definitely out of the question. Shoes with arch support is another good idea to disperse the weight properly over the entire foot.foot hard skin home remedies

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